Performance Evening

Jon Sensmeier // solo saxophone

Jon creates soundscapes recalling fluctuations of movement in space, articulations of body shapes, and the intuition of moving freely with an instrument. He is challenging the standards of performing on an acoustic instrument with extended, personalized, and crafted electronic support.

Body Wave: Ágnes Grélinger
Dance: Federico Corsini

Bass sounds and movements are bowing to each other, remembering, in the eternal hug, that they were the same thing.

This act is going to play with slow and vivid gravity, touching momentum, movement on the spatial axes and manipulating the body of the partner.

18:30 open doors
19:00 first act
20:00 second act

The timeframe is malleable as the mind of a child, as well as the content of the art.

Come healthy As for Corona-restrictions, we can seat 50 people for the event.

26. September 2020
6.30 pm

Free entrance