Helping to bring classical music audiences closer to society’s pressing issues through music and debate, in this case the climate crisis. We’re all part of this world after all and classical musicians are not exempt from getting involved.
In fact not only do we need to, but in the situation when the language of rationale, numbers, and logic is not always working, maybe the language of emotions, sentiments, and passion that art speaks will help us to better relate to the planet and other species on it.
If you are in Copenhagen on September, 26th, join the discussion between Connie Hedegaard (Former Minister for the Environment of Denmark, and Former European Commissioner for Climate Action) and Vasna Ramasar (Associate Senior Lecturer in the Division of Human Geography at Lund University), complemented by classical music (incl. a world premiere based on text by Greta Thunberg) and stunning wildlife contributions from major photographers.
The event is the first by Relevanz Ensemble, curated by Peet Morrison (as composer, cellist, facilitator and climate activist for Stop Ecocide International).

Tid: mandag 26. september kl 19.30.-22,00
Billet: 175 kr køb her