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The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger Screening

18.00 - Doors open
18.30 - Introduction to the film
18.45 - Film starts (with run time 90mins)

Tickets will be 20kr each (to be purchased at the door), and guests are welcome to buy drinks at the bar.

About the film. 

John Berger, who sadly passed this last January, was an art critic, an artist, a writer, a poet, a Marxist, and, most of all, a profound and unwavering humanist. His most famous work, the revoluntionary essay 'Ways of Seeing', offers the world a chance to lift the veil of 'mystification' that, put in place by those greedy to maintain authority, can so often cloak the art we would otherwise be free to both personally and critically engage with. 

The Seasons in Quincy is divided in four portraits: Ways of Listening, Spring, A Song for Politics and Harvest, each chapter authored by one of the four collaborating filmmakers, and each a different reflection of Berger's multifaceted work and personality. 

This film is presented with the aspiration of paying homage - for lack of a less formal word - to John Berger and his remarkable contributions. For those unfamiliar with Berger, the film is also a wonderful introduction to the man and his work, and an equally moving cinematic experience without any prior knowledge.

We hope to see you there for a hyggelig evening of art, philosophy, politics and cinema.

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