stuart lynch

Originally a trained Butoh dancer with Japanese choreographer & actor, Min Tanaka, Stuart Lynch is a Theatre Director, Performer and Writer based in Copenhagen.



As a writer, butoh dancer and theatre director Lynch’s work revolves around themes of temporality, existence and a search for emotional intensity. Within this residencey Lynch is researching Heidegger’s notion of being, or Dasein, and how this state and experience of time and self-awareness can be wielded performatively.

LiteraturHaus’ new house artist can be experienced in following events.

April 11: The publication of his new collected works, ‘THIRTY-SIX MONOLOGUES’.

June 20: Crossing the Line’ festival, ‘THE ARTAUD ENGINE AND OTHER WORKS’

September 5: Film Premiere ‘I’LL FORGET YOU NAME’

November: Final Residency Performance ‘UNTITLED’

September to November: Teaching BUTOH DANCE classes in the method and technique of the Japanase dance Ankoku Butoh.

“Lynch er i sit es ude på kanten, der hvor der skal afprøves noget nyt eller anderledes. Således har han fået gennemslagskraft – også internationalt – med sine op til 24 timer lange maratonforestillinger.”

Monna dithmer

Journalist, Politikken


From 2013 to 2023, Lynch was the leader of Denmark’s ‘Københavns Film & Teaterskole’ and is currently ‘Artist-in-Residence’ here at, ‘LiteraturHaus’ with an additional residency at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.

Before his position as leader of KFTS he directed works such as Dreyer – Den Danske Tyran for the 2013 CPH PIX International Film Festival, the Uganda Danish collaborative work, Look Homeward Angel and Dansehallernes directed, The Artaud Engine.

Reinventing performance