17:00 Åbening af Ditte Krøyers udstilling: ‘The End of the World’
21:00 Koncert: ‘Vulvatorious’

Ditte Krøyer:
Krøyers work will primarily evolve around linoprints, inspired by western religious art, objects and architecture. Krøyer is also visibly affected by existentialism, envisions of the afterlife and the process of accepting the immutable.Through the exhibition, Krøyer investigates the relationship between people and religion, in the times of a pandemic and draws parallels between the time during lockdown and death. The exhibition will be inspired by the global fear of the unknown, hell, judgement day and be critical towards the way women and gendernorms are perceived in the Bible.

The Copenhagen based crust-black metal band Vulvatorious will perform at 21:00. Through lyrics about misogyny, death and anti-fascism, Vulvatorious summons all people to join the war against the patriarchy.
Vulvatorious had their debut concert at a sold out Spillestedet Stengade in March. Read the review by Devilution here:

Tid: fredag 16. september kl 17.00
Billet: Gratis